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All blessings, Gary.  I shall attempt to share my testimony of tonight's experience to the best of my remembrance...
Your acoustic sounds were magical and ethereal, permeating every living cell within me and making transcendance a lucid treat for my observations and experiences.
At one point I travelled slowly through the earth's crust, hearing and feeling the weight of all living beings that trod upon the earth.  Then, I hovered in the air, so as to hear the sounds of all living things through the air.  The crescendo of your gongs enabled every living cell within me to transcend omnidirectionally, constantly transforming and taking on different energy shaped beings and skins, all the while traveling at light speed beyond infinity and back again.  I experienced the art of movement like never before, as if gravity had no hold on me.  It was perhaps, the greatest journey I have ever taken, and I deeply thank you for captaining such a wonderful mastery of life harmonics and tone control.
Again, I thank you, and could only look forward to another like session.  It also helps to be surrounded by so much like-loving energy.

All blessings, love & light- Thor

For over 15 years I have been suffering with  IRRITABLE  BOWEL  SYNDROME. Before the gong bath I had been having issues. I placed a Chrysanthemum Stone, which is a very powerful healing stone from China,  above my navel. During the sound healing I experienced a pulsing sensation in my mid-section. It was very intense and painful. When the sound healing ended I was pain free. As the days passed I realized the IBS was gone and I continue to be symptom free!

Thank you Gary!
Myrna Koski

Do you want to experience yourself and the Universe at a deeper and soulful level? If so I urge you to participate in Gary's gong bath.  Gary is masterful at his practice. He pours his heart and soul into each session and is also a conduit for the universe to work and manifest through him. Words would not do justice in expressing the beauty I have experienced at Gary's gong baths, so I invite you to experience for yourself.

 ~ Rolando
The first time I attended one of Gary's gong baths I had no idea what to expect.  I had never before heard of a gong bath, and immediately was surprised by all the amazing and different sounds he could make out of a gong.  My mind drifted and at times I imagined that I was in outer space while other times I felt like I was deep in the ocean.  Towards the end of the ceremony things changed, however.  My right foot began to ache so bad I found it hard to concentrate on the concert.  I had such intense pain I wanted to sit up, open my eyes and grab my foot.  You see, earlier in the year I was in a head on car accident going about 45 miles per hour.  As a result of that accident I was troubled with foot pain from slamming on the break, thereby absorbing much of the impact.  I would wake up in the morning with a dull ache in my foot and throughout the day my foot would bother me, but never when I was laying down.  After the gong bath ended the pain also ended.  I really did not put much thought into it afterwards besides thinking it was really weird.  A few days went by before I realized that I had no pain in my foot what so ever.  My memories immediately took me back to the gong bath could it be?  A few months later I found myself at one of Gary's gong baths with a shoulder injury.  As I laid listening to the beautiful sounds, my thoughts took me places deep and wide in on the planet and out.  Towards the end of the ceremony sure enough my shoulder began to ache.  This time I knew what was going on.  As I laid there in pain, I had to smile because I knew that the sound was dissolving, or moving that injury out of my body and sure enough I am free of shoulder pain.  If I had a thousand tongues I would not be able to fully express my gratitude.  THANK YOU GARY!
"Gary, your event was ultra-extraordinary. I am so glad to have been in attendance. I encourage you to do your sonic clearings with groups more often. It is important work to be doing now, with the collective perched on the edge between dream and awakened space. I hope to be able to attend another gathering soon! Let me know when. Hugs, Tessalin 
ps: the sisterhood of Alnilam (the middle star in Orion's Belt) contacted me during the ceremony."
I have been to almost all of Gary's gong baths (I am still buzzed from last night's event) and out of love for both the event and my dear friend Gary, I find these gong baths , each one different, a powerful transformational experience each time. The gong amplifies and expresses the soul of the master (and vice versa). I am totally grateful to Gary for letting us share this incredible experience and highly recommend to give yourself the gift of sound healing from ancient instruments.
Warning: highly addictive and Healthy Side Effects Only......
                         with much love and appreciation, Bhavani Ma
Hi Gary,

 Thanks again for the sounds and vibrations last weekend. Loved it. It was very visual for me and astral projections, visits from the beings you were talking about, wow. Very healing, yeah............ Opened up alot. Graceful too.... Yeah man love your energy and intention behind it. That's the main thing, where the intention is coming and you are letting light and love flow!!! I don't hear any sounds like that only when you are doing your thing. It's intergalactic. I felt the presence of beings around the universe. Was very powerful. Saw the mechanics of the universe presented in flashing bright light as a 3-D triangle with gyroscopes in the inside, went into the hinges and saw the gears up close. Was wild. I really appreciate you.
 Hope you are well, thanks again.

Hi Gary -- Thanks again for facilitating such a extraordinary journey last night! Truly an incredible permeable experience -- between bathing through and into gong vibration and the crystalline activation of Anandalite, I both became and dissloved -- wow -- A beautiful touch with Divinity. I feel whole and free and present!So Much Love
Integrating today from a very powerful evening last night with sound master Gary Fishman playing the Tibetan crystal bowls, planetary gongs, and didgeridoos. If you're looking for a very powerful form of healing and way to raise your vibration and clear old beliefs and patterns, I highly recommend trying a sound healing with Gary. He is truly amazing in his element.            
Toni Shaw
On December 18th I attended a Sacred Gong Concert. I borrowed a small selenite from Gary to place on my third eye during the concert. As the vibrations intensified I felt the immense lightness of heavenly energy swirling above my head. As I euphorically floated in this place, the selenite began to slip off my forehead. I took it off and the waves of energy changed to something more chaotic and heavy. I immediately put the selenite back on my third eye and the energy shifted again to beautiful light and openness to the heavens. I removed the selenite again to see what would happen and the sequence repeated. Needless to say I left the selenite on for the remainder of the concert. A feeling of openness in my crown chakra and lightness of being has stayed with me since the concert 3 days ago.
Janet M
I also wanted to share with you what an unusual surge in energy and motivation I've had since Saturday. It's exciting and curious at the same time. I have slept about 4-5 hours each night since then, when I typically sleep 7-8 per night. Interesting. I don't have trouble falling to sleep, I just find myself keeping busy, and last night I sat in the back yard with a blanket and tea and stared at the moon. Ahhhh...so beautifully profound!!!!
Anyway, thank you again for the lovely vibrations.
Hi Gary,
I attended the winter solstice sound journey in December. I came with my Partner, Helen, and her younger Brother, Luke. I wanted to share a painting of mine with you because I see it in a new way thinking about Gongs. Your sounds are inspiring.

Sean is a professional artist, and you can check out his exciting work on his web page:  www.seanhudsonart.com
I have attended several of your healings and had wonderful affects during the weeks following the experiences. Last night I attended your Fall Equinox Healing. This morning I see that the past 4 times I have attended were all interconnected in some way. I feel a sort of completion to a puzzle. Last winter was the start of a revealing from my childhood, then in the spring was the full exposure of my heart and being escorted to Shamans for the healing that needed to take place. In June I asked you for healing crystals for my heart and an opening to forgive, love and be loved - I left feeling very warm and at peace; and finally, last night was a culmination of it all coming together and taking me on a "tour" of the past year, allowing me to become fully grounded this morning. I saw my body glow bright white, then change to a blue hue, slowly shadowing to pink and finally coming together in a soft lavender.  It was divine!  I thank you for your gift in healing. You are an amazing soul!
"...Before we laid down, Gary invited us to hold crystals if we wanted.  I intentionally chose hematite.  The reason for this was that it is considered a "grounding" stone.  Being a Gemini, and just being who I am, ground is something I need to be intentional about…And my ADD mind has been jumping all over the place.  The other stone I picked was a beautiful amethyst.  For no other reason than the fact that my spirit has always been drawn to amethyst.  I thought that if might be useful to help my spiritual self get a little more back in touch….I have been missing that a bit…

 Once Gary began, I found his manner to be gentle, quiet, and reassuring…setting a path for safety and comfort.  When he began playing the instruments, it felt very relaxing and harmonic….a gentle call to spirits in and around…an opening to a space of honoring where human and spirit meet.  When he began to play the gong, my soul rumbled a bit.  It was a sound unlike anything I have ever heard before…My eyes were closed and the room was dark and yet there were dances of light and darkness.  That is when, for a brief moment, a bear image appeared….Then, briefly a wolf…but most certainly a bear….just the face/head.  It quickly passed but not my memory of it.  There were still dances of light and dark.  At one moment, I felt afraid…Were these dark forces I was seeing???  I quickly reassured myself,  "No…I am safe to feel at peace with the universe and a transmitter of light…we cannot completely know our light if we do not ever venture into our darkness…and it is through that process that our light is not only who we are, but it is also a choice."

 These were all fleeting thoughts, lasting only a few seconds.  Then I remember thinking that it sounded as if I were in the center of a train station, with 10 trains all passing at once.  It was somewhat chaotic at one point, and yet driven…towards some unknown specific point…And through it all, I felt completely relaxed and open…I even began to fall asleep at one point.  When the didgeridoo followed the silence, I was a childlike pleasure I was feeling…and the contrast made me giggle….like going from a booming powerful voice to a cartoon voice..."
Since that night, my body and spirit have continued to be positively impacted by the experience.  It was a wonderful experience at the time, but the aftermath has also been profound for me as I continue to process.
THANKS again, Gary!  What a wonderful way to celebrate New Years.  I hope you 2014 is off to a good start.  Safe travels to Tucson.  :)
Peace and Light-
Sandy Naatz
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